Living a Victorious Christian Life – An Act of Worship

By Apostle Eric K. Nyamekye

Worship is all that we do, Whether we eat or drink.
Understanding that God is Spirit brings to our consciousness that in the new testament we worship in a temple without boundaries.

This makes us conscious that the holy spirit is with us. So close to us.
No one is any nearer or further from God.
Acts 17.26,27

Our domestic life is our domestic calking and worship to God.
Our public life is our public calling and way of life.
Teacher, lawyer
Therefore seek to the best of everything.

Child obedient to God as a calling and way of worship to God.

God created us and in the deep of the humankind is a shrine that only god can occupy but we have overthrown god and put things there. But until we fix God there we will be uncomfortable.

Inside us we need God to fill our hearts but the how to is the problem.

.but God taught us how to worship him.
And made it clearer in the Lord Jesus.


  • Acts 7;1,2,37,38
  • 1 Corinthians 10;1-4

Paul; When Israel was redeemed they were baptised into Moses.
People became a community, an assembly, a congregation, a church in the wilderness.

For what purpose
Exodus 5;1-3
Moses first said they were going to have a festival (celebration) and later a sacrifice (an offering to a deity).

Worship is not only adoring God,
Exodus 20:4,5
Daniel 3:12,18
Psalms 116:16,16 (serving and sacrifice)
Hebrews 13:15,16
Sacrifice of praise (adoration), doing good (serve/sacrifices)

Worship is dual purpose. Worship then is adoration and service. Celebration and sacrifice.

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